How do broken homes impact children? Does this affect them in their adult life? Are their signs leading to broken lives and how can we adjust them before it is too late? No family is perfect and each family has its challenges that affect everyone differently. Some challenges can result in estrangement.

A broken family is one that includes unhealthy or severed relationships within the family. Divorce is said to be one of the primary reasons for broken homes and severed relationships. Abuse, financial hardship, differing beliefs, mental health issues, and one’s inability to apologize also account for broken homes. Does growing up in a broken home means you will grow up and live a broken life?  How can you identify the problem and learn to cope with the pain?

Author and People Development Strategist, Conroy Thompson and Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker, Recording Artiste and Poet, Raheim Fender shares their perspective on Sunrise. Watch the full discussion here: