What comes to your mind when a man is oversensitive? Is he too soft? is he too free to the extent that he becomes annoying?

Affection is feeling deeply about someone. Caring deeply for somebody or something. Can affection lead to jealousy? How do you know if your spouse is balancing his or her feelings well?

Being overly affectionate can be a sign of overcompensating for kind of a lack of communication or trust, or having a relationship that’s high quality.  Sometimes annoyance is pointless, but other times it’s a powerful catalyst for positive change and providing opportunities for growth. 

Today we ask, is your affection seen as annoying?

We welcome our friends’ Actor and Director Michael Nicholson and the Mind Food Boss!… Jamar Wright is the Co-Founder of Mind Food International

– Establish the difference between being too affectionate & annoying. Stay tuned for the full interview.