Ative Ennis, Chief Marketing Officer Hanif Comrie and Chief Technical Director, Antwonne Marshall, stopped by the Sunrise studio to tell us about Our Kids Academy. This academy integrates academic education with life skills training to
provide a well-rounded development program for at-risk youth. The academy also acknowledges and tackles the importance of offering both mental and emotional support alongside traditional education.

This interview also includes fourteen-year-old and sixteen-year-old footballers Antwonne Marshall and Tammia Thorpe. Antwone, a young footballer with an innate sense of the game, grew up in the violent community of Mount Salem and has been turning heads with his exceptional technical abilities and intelligence on the field. Tammia is
a product of Norwood which has been in the news for adverse reasons. She is a force to be reckoned
with and her unique talent has been compared to other talented prospects overseas.