Kenrick’s ‘Suspenseful Addiction’

Kenrick Chambers is an author inspired by Maya Angelou. He started writing poetry and short stories from a young age as a means to escape the thoughts he could not share out loud. He uses story writing to voice his emotions, thoughts, feelings, and capture his perspective of the world.

‘A Suspenseful Addiction’, is centered around the main protagonist Tianna Johnson, whose life goes into a downward spiral when sex addiction causes her to lose everything. It brings her to the edge of life and back. Her only anchor is the uncertainty as to the return of the man she truly loves. Infidelity is a nightmare when it consumes you, and Tianna learns this the hard way. A psycho commits to seeking revenge and catapults her into a world of fear and anxiety, adding to her internal turmoil. She gets dragged to the point of no return and is saved by the most unlikely of sources. When she finally decides to rebuild it comes at a cost.

His novel “A Suspenseful Addiction”, is the first book in a series, dedicated to his father who always reminded him that “nothing defines your success but you”.

Author Kenrick Chambers shares more about his book on Sunrise. Watch it here: