Jamaican Teaching Foreign Languages in USA | Jonnea Kirlew

Jonnea Kirlew, a 25 year old author and teacher of Spanish and French who hails from Mt. Salem, an inner-city community in Montego Bay has the passion to inspire and give hope to young girls with similar situations. Kirlew has been teaching since 2018, and currently teaches in the United States of America.

Here’s what inspired her to become an educator

“I like to think that I was born to be an educator. I believe it is my calling, and it all began with teaching my teddies and dolls, whether it was about a content area or their behaviour”, Kirlew.

Her motivation was ignited throughout primary and secondary schooling when she was exposed to the hearts of educators on several occasions, and quickly discovered that being an educator is truly a profession of passion. These teachers have had a significant impact on her life in a variety of ways, including educationally, socially, and financially. Jonnea was awestruck by these beings who saw potential and invested in her by creating the conditions and spaces needed to thrive. Soon after, developed a passion for education and recognized that she could utilize it to improve my social and economic standings. This realization prompted me to pursue a career as an educator, where she could share my knowledge and aid in the cognitive and social development of students. Thus, having a direct impact on their lives as they thrive, and widen their horizon in such a way that can only come from being an educated person. 

Particularly, Kirlew chose to teach foreign languages, because of a passion for the different languages and their cultures. It made her want to be a part of the transformation in how they are received in Jamaica. 

“I am an educator because I see beyond the classroom with students and subject areas. I see little humans who need to see the light in order to grow into their full potential, contribute positively to society and live the lives they deserve”, Kirlew.