“Call me Lieutenant Tishauna Indomitable Mullings because I am fighting a battle leading the NexxStepp Lifelong Educational Services army! Sometimes it’s a war with myself getting in my own way other times I am slaying giants called doubt…shooting dead naysayers’ thoughts and digging defensive trenches.

Yet, like a swan on a peaceful day, I glide across the waters of entrepreneurship paddling ever so hard beneath the water”

Tishauna Mullings Story:

Development Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, and Chief Success Officer, Tishauna Mullings is a true example of persistence, resilience, and hard work. Her unquenchable passion for empowering others has led to her being invited to share her story and motivate others in such places as the United States, Scotland, and Africa.

She has represented Jamaica on numerous occasions including recently at the Conference of Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative in Peru, where she was privileged to meet United States Past President Barack Obama.  

She currently serves as Brand Ambassador for the Bank of Jamaica’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy. Tishauna has also been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades from the Government of Jamaica, the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, and corporate Jamaica- at large.

Looking To The Future

An edupreneur stands at the intersection of the education sector and the entrepreneurship arena. Edupreneurs lead with a 21st century education mindset and our classroom is not bounded by walls.