Health Officials Advocating For Living Healthy

Alfred Dawes on Thursday shocked guests at the relaunch of his business, Windsor Wellness Centre when he discarded his planned speech and delivered a heartwarming story which he called the truth behind the rebranding of his craft to offer cancer screening, testing and treatment of chronic illnesses and metabolic dysfunction.

Dawes after taking the stage explained his reason for rebranding and outlined the circumstances that led to that decision. He used the platform as a medium to advocate for healthy living and stressed the importance of screening. Dawes also stated that despite being a popular health advocate and being trained to spot the signs of cancer those closest to him are the ones who are often neglected.

He went on to share his mother’s life changing need death experience with cancer.

Founder of Windsor Wellness Centre, Dr. Alfred Dawes and Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Yulit Gordon shares more about living healthy on Sunrise. Watch it here: