Health Alert: Labour & Birth Expectations

Giving birth is a multifaceted experience that results in a number of changes, both physically and emotionally. The emotional changes can be just as exhausting as the physical ones, which include labour-like contractions, dilating, and the final delivery of the baby. Mothers-to-be need to mentally get ready for the birth of their child. Women who are aware of the three stages of labor and delivery may feel more prepared and in control of the situation. Early labor, active labor, and transition are all parts of the first stage of the birthing process. Pushing and the baby’s delivery are parts of the second stage, while the placenta’s delivery is part of the third stage. Women can better prepare for the arrival of their babies by being aware of what to expect at each stage. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from Gynae Associates, Dr. Carla Nicholson Daley joined us on Sunrise to help us understand the process.

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