Glen-Mark Bell: Portraits of Our Rich Culture

In this segment of Cultural Interview, we talked with a talented artist Glen-Mark Bell, whose works include; fine arts, landscape, abstracts, portraits, and much more.

Bell said he began exploring the arts at a very young age while growing up in the country (Portland).

He says with the realities around him while living in the country were the main inspirations behind his pieces. One such, was the lamp used by his grandmother.

Bell says he is currently working on a collection called “Country Lifestyle”, and says the concept or the motivation behind this collection is the shift to the digital age that is not only impacting the wider world but more specifically Jamaica.

He says the paintings in this collection aim to be something the children of this age and those in the future can look at and be educated on some of the things the older generation once used and some of their practices.

One of Bell’s pieces titled “Respect” is showcased at the old train station in Port Antonio.

He says, he currently works with other artists in a group in Portland and they focus on a wider range of arts such as; graphic design, portraits and murals.

Bell pieces are available both locally and internationally and he also does commission pieces.

Watch the full CVM At Sunrise interview here with Glen-Mark Bell: