Reggae Musicians Geoff Rhone and Emil Kamal are currently promoting their debut single titled ‘Nice To Meet You’. Emil Kamal is a master Indonesian musician who plays multiple instruments and Geoff is a Jamaican saxophonist. Emil Kamal was born in Malang City, Indonesia where music is the shared connection among all his family members. He studied formal classical music and specialized in the Oboe music instrument at his fine arts high school. He later went on to pursue more training at the Music College of Yogyakarta City, specializing in the saxophone, flute, and clarinet. On the other hand, Geoff Rhone was born in Mandeville. He attended DeCarteret College where he was enrolled with a  renowned music teacher to learn the piano and the recorder. Throughout his tenure, he listened to and learned an extensive range of music genres and went on to learn how to play the saxophone and connected with  Emil Kamal. Watch their Sunrise interview here: