A dedicated leader, mentor and evangelist with over thirteen years of serving the word of God. Garvey is trained and qualified in public speaking, coaching and possess strong verbal and interpersonal skills. She is a creative problem solver, organized and a determined professional who believes in making the best of every opportunity especially when you have been given a second chance.

Garvey gave her life to the Lord in 2010 whilst behind the walls of The Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre where she was serving a prison sentence. Her story is one of a mess that God turned into a powerful and impactful message. Stacy-Ann stated “Serving people and realizing that my obedience is making a positive difference in the lives of others.” Her ultimate wish for Jamaica is that as a people they will regain their identity and understand values that will teach others to value and appreciate our brothers and sisters instead of competing to become what we already are, God’s powerful gifted and extraordinary people.

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