Demoy Nash’s Failure Is Not Final

Demoy Nash, a Jamaica Author living in the Cayman Islands recently launched his second book entitled Failure is not Final – Motivational Truths and Strategies to cultivate Success. He shares with us on Sunrise; watch it below:


Demoy Nash is a dedicated worker, result-oriented, nation builder, and trustworthy individual who strives to exceed his past efforts. He obtained a Diploma in Agriculture with an emphasis in landscaping, an A.Sc. Degree in General Agriculture, a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Agri Production and Food Systems Management from the College of Agriculture Science and Education, and a Master’s of Arts degree from the University of the West Indies (UWI). He has other professional qualifications in Project Management, Change Management, Supervisory Management, and Urban Forestry.

Mr. Nash has worked extensively in youth development and has serve as the Superintendent of Public Gardens in Jamaica having responsibilities for their management and the conservation of some of Jamaica’s key biodiversity. He currently serves as Senior Policy Advisor for Agriculture in the Cayman Islands Government. He has the responsibility to advise the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Officer, and Deputy Chief Officer on all matters of the subject area including formulating policies, strategies and plans to stimulate the growth and development of the Sector.

Demoy is a Justice of Peace and Certified Mediator of the Island of Jamaica. He has been a Ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years. He prides himself as a servant of the Lord Jesus and promotes service over self. He has a passion for leading and serving people which has seen him holding several positions. He has served on the national child month Committee in Jamaica, as the National Coordinator for the Universities and Apostolic Ministries (UCAM) and the National Lead Team – HEART NSTA to develop TVET competencies for Agriculture.

He is the author of 2 books:

  1. Overcoming our Giants – a practical outline of strategies to overcome the challenges of our daily lives.
  2. Failure is not Final – Motivational Truths and strategies to cultivate success.

He lives with the philosophy that “That failure is not a hindrance to success, they are like nutrients to fulfill our life purpose in the Earth depending on how they are utilize.”