Looking for Christmas gift ideas? you’re in the right place because you can find your favourite pieces with Artist,  Deena-Lee Boothe.

Deena-Lee’s love for art was reignited last year when she observed her mom painting leisurely. This simple act inspired her to take up a paintbrush for the first time in almost 18 years, the last time being in high school. She later found herself submerged in the fine arts every weekend, as this soon became a source of stress relief and means of expression in the heights of the pandemic. Whilst this was purely for leisure, her friends and family were so impressed with the quality of her work that they encouraged her to sell her pieces.

Deena-Lee mustered up the courage and “D’cor Accents” was born! gift ideas for every occasion!

D’cor Accents, an online store with unique handmade wall decor and accent pieces, was launched in July of this year showcasing her first collection with all the pieces she amassed.  The response was so positive that it has encouraged her to continue producing and sharing her work and collections with the world.  Each collection features a variety of painting techniques/styles such as abstract, pouring, landscape. In fact, the artist continues to innovate and this upcoming Christmas collection will now feature beautiful resin paintings and decorative pieces to spruce up your personal spaces.

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