“Every crime has a digital dimension”. It is hard to believe but if one should think about it logically one could see the undeniable connection. With the increase in crimes, the mandate of the Cyber Forensics and Risk Management Branch has exponentially advanced. With more resources being deployed to conduct cyber defense, cybersecurity incident response and post-mortem of cyber-attacks such as ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS). Additionally, the unit is responsible for carrying out internal and external audits of the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) networks (ministries, departments and agencies) to create a security baseline and implement mitigation measures where anomalies are detected.

The Cyber Forensics and Risk Management Unit members are specialists who are well-trained and can function in various roles. With these increased responsibilities the Cyber Forensics and Risk Management Branch’s daily operations have four areas of focus Cyber Forensics, Security Operations, Malware Investigation, and Big Data Analytics.

Cyber Forensic Examiners, Special Agent Shereese Smith and Special Agent Khiana Chutkhan share more about cyber security on Sunrise.

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