Colourfully Crafted, Earthly Solutions for Your Skin

Baiya Skin Solutions was registered in 2020 as a manufacturer of skincare products and supplies with the Jamaica Companies Office. But the journey began long before that. Baiya was founded by Brittany McCrea, a then student of the University of the West Indies, who conceptualised the idea and began working on bringing her idea to life two years before debuting her first product to market.

Brittany’s love for all things skin and hair began as early as high school. She recognized from an early age that the fancy, chemical-based products that she invested in were only making her skin issues worse. As such, she started making her own skincare products using plant extracts from her mother’s garden to treat the acne and dark spots that she suffered from as a teenager.

Through dedicated research, and trial and error, she recognized that nature’s way is the best way. The correct combination of natural herbs, oils and butters works wonders for the hair and skin while simultaneously protecting the skin from the long-term effects of harmful, commercial ingredients. Since then, she’s been committed to healing her skin through natural remedies and today encourages others to do the same.

Baiya Skin Solutions creates all-natural skin care products that solve skin issues in a fun, and colourful way. “We use natural, organic ingredients sourced locally and worldwide, that are 100% safe for the skin. We believe strongly in creating a bond that is unbreakable between us and our customers. We have committed to doing this by nurturing and continuing to improve, what we call, the Baiya Experience. This includes exceptional customer service, a smooth ‘product to customer’ process and most importantly, products that go above and beyond to exceed expectations. ” McCrae

“As we grow, we hope to become the skincare brand of choice for Jamaicans everywhere, providing all-natural skincare alternatives for the whole family” Baiya Skin Solutions.