Basket weaving, basketry or raffia weaving is the process of weaving or sewing pliable materials into three-dimensional artifacts, such as baskets, mats, mesh bags or even furniture.

At grade 10, at the time of career choosing, mechanics was suggested to Lennox Lewis but after a month of attending that class he realized that was not his preferred area. Walking along the corridor looking around feeling depressed he saw a class with five students and a teacher so focused in making beautiful colourful crafts, after gazing for 10 minutes Lewis asked the teacher to be a part of this class. This is where the passion for basketry began.

After high school he started making some of these baskets on my own and selling them in wholesale at the craft market locally and internationally. The market for basketry was not easy and self-determination and motivation was key. Family members and friends discouraged him to stop weaving and do something else. During that time, Lewis applied for a delivery job however while doing delivery he always wove with his spear time.

Searching for as bigger income Lewis left the delivery job and applied for a bus driver and got the job. Always weaving in his spare time! The zeal for driving decreased and one morning after 6 years of driving he decided to become a full-time basket weaver.