BOSS LADY! That’s who she is, unapologetically. She is a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. Shaneika Burchell-Kerr is the boss who levels up, then lends a hand to ensure that those around her are raised to such or greater standard and version of themselves.

She is the founder of Breakthrough to Entrepreneurship LLC; a company birthed in 2011, but it was not until she was fired from her 9-5 in 2020, which paid less than two thousand Dollars (USD $2000) monthly and allowed her little to no freedom, that she started to fully dedicate herself to her business, expand and live purposefully.

 She often considers this as her story of rejection but believes that ‘God Freed Her To Walk In Her Purpose’ to help other women worldwide especially in the Caribbean to achieve their wildest dreams; achieved through her one-on-one coaching program, group mentorship program, ebooks and other products, and services she offers through Breakthrough to Entrepreneur. 

Shaneika has coached 100s of entrepreneurs worldwide to start, launch and grow successful drop shipping, Print On Demand and digital product course businesses. Her students have reported success in over 6 figures in their business.

Her most recent accomplishment is the launch of her drop shipping app soon to be available in the Shopify App Store that allows entrepreneurs to sell products without stocking inventory and without breaking the bank. The app is called DropShip.

The job that requires her to show up in all the ‘Boss Lady’ she has got, is the job where Imani Ariana Grant and Nathaniel Kerr call her mommy. 

Her kids are her youngest students who both own e-commerce businesses. Her son Nathaniel who is 6 years old, owns a family fashion business and her daughter Imani Ariana 13 years old is a published author of three children’s Science books and designs her own products.

She lives and preaches ‘make money while you sleep and wake up to Profit, it’s possible. Shaneika Burchell Kerr, the Jamaican born immigrant, living purposefully. 

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