Covid -19 continues to plague Jamaica but all is not lost. There are 5 Ways in which we can avoid catching Covid-19. Dr. Leslie Meade, President Elect – The Medical Association Of Jamaica shares with us.

With approximately 22% of the Jamaican population fully vaccinated, Jamaica is still a long way off its target of 65%. The rate of vaccination has continued to slow and all indicators point to Jamaica missing its target date of population immunity by March 2022. 

In response to this, the Civil Society Covid-19 Vaccination Community Education and Mobilization Committee (CSCEM), co-chaired by Professor Gordon Shirley and Keith Duncan (PSOJ), was established to bring stakeholders from all levels of society together to formulate a single national response that will bring about the necessary shift in the MOHW’s national vaccination plan (NVP). It is intended to support the work of the MOHW in addressing the concerns of the hesitant and undecided and help accelerate the NVP closer to the target of population immunity.