Getting trendy with our guest and Owner of Amoy Yae’l Purses: Charah Clarke:

I started off with folded clutches and oversized pouch purses . Since then I have added ringlets , bamboolets and totes to the collection . I also brought chain strap purses for a brief moment and I intend to bring those back in 2022 as it has been highly requested from the ladies who don’t want to carry a clutch or tote , and not only chain straps but other types of cross body and shoulder bags . I want to make sure I have variety and that there is something for everyone. I like to think of my purses as simply chic and timeless . Purses that never go out of style . 
Currently I use the Instagram/ Facebook platforms  to market and showcase my designs, I also get most of my customers by simply word of mouth and referrals . For the coming year I intend to finally launch the Amoyael website . This will help me to fully capitalize on the international market . It’s has been highly requested especially  from my overseas clients . 
Good customer service and quality are main focus and I find that my customers happily spread the word without me even asking . Repeat customers kept me going even though the pandemic, and for that I’m tremendously grateful. 

Our guest has always had a passion for designing, so she started making oversize pouches and purses. Since then, she has added ringlets, bamboolets, and totes to her collection, ensuring that she has variety for everyone and it will never go out of style.

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