Promise rings have been a modern trend once more and quickly becoming more acceptable. A promise ring is used as a sign of commitment and love for one another. But is that not the case with an engagement ring? A promise ring does not mean commitment for marriage or cohabitation in the future but more a symbol that we are more than just dating and commitment to an extent. Some people opt for a promise ring because it is fashionable and can be worn based on each couple’s belief system.

 On the other hand, an engagement ring is a traditional and formal symbol of asking for someone’s hand in a marriage where one can accept or decline the proposal. An engagement ring symbolizes the next steps in a relationship. Many couples will choose an engagement ring because that is the more popular symbol to signify their commitment to marriage. With that being said should a man wear an engagement ring?  What is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring? Relationship Coach, Community Outreach and Special Projects Coordinator, New Testament Church of God, Reverend Paul Morris and Recording Artiste, Jahnoi shares their perspective on Sunrise.

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