Several underage girls were discovered in what is being described as a cult in Norwood, St James. Reports claimed that the girls were being held against their will at the Yahweh Nissi church. However, in a CVM Exclusive video, they’re seen being pried away from the crowd. 

On arriving at the Yahweh Nissi Church the gates were heavily padlocked, blocking police from entering. It is reported that the police were on location for hours, acting on details that several girls were being held against their will and prevented from making contact with anyone external to the establishment.

Armed with this information, the police abandoned negotiating with the church members and forcefully entered the compound. On the premises, several girls varying in age were seen dressed in white and blue loose-fitting garments. The men in khaki pants and blue shirts chanting Yahweh Nissi. 

CVM Live has received reports that some girls are being abused, attend school at the church and are married to male members at the age of 16. Others have reported that the girls are children of church members.


Yahweh Nissi St James Church Members in Norwood Montego Bay
Yahweh Nissi St James Church Members in Norwood Montego Bay

Eventually, they were able to rescue three girls from the building, hoping to return for others.

As the police moved in to perform their extraction, they were met with a violent reaction by the church members and some of the girls.

Sources tell CVM LIVE that sometime prior, three other girls were rescued and residents from neighboring communities are now raising alarms about the living conditions of the members, some resorting to tents on the church grounds.

Comments from the church operators claim that they have done nothing wrong. CVM Live will be tracking this story for further updates.