The Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exam has been postponed and the future of the Caribbean Secondary Examination now hangs in the balance, as schools remain closed. State Minister in the Education Ministry, Alando Terrelonge says the ministry is now looking at possible examination dates in June and beyond.

“For now the PEP exams have been canceled. We are looking at possible days in June at this time,” he says. ” However, we continue to monitor the progress of the virus in Jamaica and continue to have discussions with the Ministry of Health.”

Those in secondary school are due to sit the CSEC and CAPE examination in may and June of this year. However, according to the minister those dates will be pushed back and the possibility of an additional school year is being considered.

“Right now everything is subject to cabinet approval but we are looking at two options along with our regional partners, postponing the exam until June,” he says.

He says the possibility of postponing the exams to September or October is also being discussed.

“Then we would be looking at perhaps a new school year because if exama are in September of October, we would not be able to mark the papers until November. Results would be had by December which would mean we would be looking at a new school year starting in January,” Terrelonge explains.

Meanwhile, educators are trying to adjust to teaching online to facilitate students. The shift from face to face classroom interactions to online has been a learning curve for many as they try to grasp concepts on a new platform while at home.

Acting Chief Education Officer at the Education Ministry, Captain Kasan Troupe however believes that moving online has been effective.

“We have been working with our school administration to shift our students into online learning. Now all of our students

are at home because of school closure. This means we have to provide additional support.”