Word from the head of the Trelawny Police, Superintendent Kirk Ricketts has indicated that criminal suspects from western parishes such as St. James, currently under a state of public emergency have indeed been hiding in Trelawny.

However, he says the Trelawny Police have managed to keep the crime rate at an acceptable level.

Superintendent Kirk Ricketts says, given approximately 9 main points of entry and exit to the parish and the states of public emergency in the three western parishes, the Trelawny police have been very alert.

He notes that this alertness has led to the arrest of criminal migrants in the parish.  

Superintendent Ricketts lauds the residents who he says have played a significant role in controlling the crime in the parish, adding that the Trelawny police were able to capture four criminal suspects from St.James who were in hiding.

Nonetheless, these instances of criminal migration haven’t caused an upsurge in violence in the parish, Ricketts says.

Additionally, the Head of Police notes that increased investigations have led to the recent arrest of a number of persons involved in shootings in Trelawny.

He says very soon, an individual will be charged for the murder of retired District Constable Albert Mowatt who was murdered during a robbery in a Supreme Ventures sales shop in Falmouth in March 2019.