Residents in Craig Mill Portland are calling on their Member of Parliament, Daryl Vaz to immediately intervene to restore a bridge which recently collapsed.

Based on their accounts, the main bridge had been closed for over two years to allow for restoration works and a temporary bridge to facilitate movement. However, recent heavy rains have destroyed the latter and they are now forced to travel through the river to get home safely. They say the other alternative is to use the bridge that is out of use but doing so would mean risking their lives.

“We are facing a very serious conditions because what they had out there to stop the river is now gone. From now until February we are in a serious position because this river is dangerous. When it comes it has a lot of support from above,” an elderly resident, Termine Newland shared.

She says the Member of Parliament must not wait for a tragedy before he acts,

“We need the bridge, nothing but the bridge because that is the only thing that can stop the water when it comes. This river is like the devil,” she adds

Another resident says he is now concerned about the safety for those who are using the main bridge.

“This is a big disgrace with the politician them. Nothing, nobody coming forward even though we talk,” Melbourne Silvera told CVM LIVE.

Councilor for the Buff Bay division, Dionne Hunter, however notes that the Member of Parliament, Daryl Vaz is aware and is working speedily to expedite the issue.

“I know the Member of Parliament will see how best he can hurry and get the residents more comfortable. I know they are devastated but they know that the Member of Parliament will get it done soon,” she explained.

Until then, residents continue to risk their lives to get home.