As Jamaica continues to feel the effects of the pandemic, a number of tertiary students are concerned about the impact it will have on the students work and travel program this summer.

Despite the mounting obstacles many university students are still determined to participate in the program.

If the program is canceled this will be a major setback especially for students who rely entirely on money gained from the program to pay their tuition and cover other school expenses.

Some students have also  taken out loans to cover the program fee which can cost up to 1600 USD.

So as the uncertainty deepens, the frustration grows.

One student says he is yet to cancel because of the self cancellation will result in him losing more money than if the agency cancels the program.

But as covid-19 remains a clear threat, the temporary closure of universities across the island further puts the program in limbo.

President of the Integrity Action Movement at the University of Technology, Jamaica  (UTech, Ja.) Javaune Sewell says not all lecturers at UTech, Ja are engaged in online classes, which means the semester might be extended.

Should the outbreak slow by summer Sewell says the lecturers will hamper students chances to travel on time.

He further notes that the university is yet to provide a plan of action on how the situation will be handled.

Another student says though she is fearful, if given the opportunity she will be going on the program regardless of the outbreak.

The work an travel program normally gets underway in early may, but with the looks of things the date is expected to be pushed further into the summer.