Boosting Tourism: Hotel Operators Advocate for Investment in Jamaica’s Growing Industry

In the latest business report, attention is drawn to the flourishing tourism sector in Jamaica, where hotel operators are not only foreseeing continued growth but actively encouraging others to invest in this thriving industry. The scenic beauty of Jamaica has always attracted tourists, and recent developments suggest an intensification of this allure. Local hotel operators express confidence in sustained prosperity, citing factors contributing to the robust performance of the sector.

A key driver of this positive outlook is the unwavering demand for accommodations and experiences in Jamaica. Hoteliers report a surge in bookings, not only from traditional markets but also from emerging ones. This diversification of visitor sources has bolstered the sector’s resilience, enabling it to weather global uncertainties. In a bold move, certain hotel operators are actively advocating for increased investment in the tourism sector. They argue that this is an opportune moment for individuals and businesses to explore the potential returns that Jamaica’s tourism industry can offer. Jamaica’s tourism sector stands as a beacon of economic optimism. With hotel operators bullish about the industry’s trajectory, their call for increased investment echoes a collective belief in the enduring appeal and potential of Jamaica as a premier tourist destination.

Business News at 7 (Jan 4, 2024)

– JSE Main Market: Declined by 499.84 points or 0.15% to close at 323,758.65 points.

– JSE Composite Index: Advanced by 1,082.80 points or 0.30% to close at 363,466.02 points.

Overall Market Activity

– 55 stocks traded, with 22 advancing, 21 declining, and 12 trading firm.

– Winners: Radio Jamaica Limited (10.42%), Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. (10.09%), 138 Student Living Jamaica Limited Variable Preference (5.73%), Sygnus Credit Investments Limited JMD (SCIJMD) Ordinary Shares (5.02%).

– Losers: Eppley 7.50% Pref Shares Due 2024 (-7.18%), Guardian Holdings Limited (-7.03%), First Rock Real Estate Investments Limited (-5.05%), QWI Investments Limited (-4.92%).

– Market volume: 6,738,490 units valued at over $30,536,094.87.

Volume Leaders

– TransJamaican Highway Limited: 1,410,524 Units (20.93%)

– Sagicor Select Funds Limited – Financial: 1,292,052 Units (19.17%)

– QWI Investments Limited: 888,809 Units (13.19%)

BOJ Currency Trading

– US Dollar: Buy 156.95, Sell 175.16

– Great Britain Pound: Buy 196.80, Sell 201.39

– Canada Dollar: Buy 118.00, Sell 126.54

– Euro: Buy 167.70, Sell 174.00


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