Another Int’l Airport on The Horizon

Jamaica’s Tourism Boom Signals Potential for New International Airport

In a recent business report, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett anticipates a historic year for Jamaica’s tourism industry in 2024. Following a surge in stopover numbers in 2023, which significantly benefited local businesses, Minister Bartlett hints at the possibility of a new international airport. With over 4 million visitors flocking to the island in 2023, Minister Bartlett emphasizes the economic boost and substantial benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. The average nine-night stay by visitors creates a market that requires attention, and projections indicate stopover numbers reaching five million by 2025, marking a historic milestone for Jamaica.

To accommodate this growth, infrastructure improvements are deemed necessary, particularly at airports. Six e-gates have been preliminarily launched at Sangster International Airport in St James, with an additional e-gate recently added at Norman Manly International Airport. The goal is to have at least 15 e-gates at each airport. Minister Bartlett acknowledges the potential need for another international airport as the sector’s success continues. Government and stakeholders are investing in sustained growth, attributed to Jamaica’s tenth consecutive month of positive performance. With 90% of airport traffic handled by Mobay airports and plans to increase stopover numbers from 3 million to 5 million by 2025, the tourism sector’s success is undeniable. The report highlights the significant impact on small businesses, emphasizing responsible growth and a general gross earning of 4.2 billion. As Jamaica continues to thrive as a tourist destination, Minister Bartlett expresses confidence in sustained growth and development in the sector.


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