Understanding Risk, Trading And Mutual Funds

Our guest today has invaluable expertise in the global investment landscape. He spent his early years in Belize, moving there at the age of two with his parents. At high school in Jamaica, he was a promising athlete, representing Calabar in swimming and track.

He went on to study civil engineering at first degree level in Scotland, before returning to the Caribbean for a Masters in Construction, Our guest also has a Diplomas in Management Studies and Business Administration.

He was the executive director of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica where he managed the investments and income then decided to start his own investment firm at the start of the century in 2000 as Jamaican financial markets were still recovery mode after a major meltdown Our guest is Charles Ross, Chairman, President, and CEO of Sterling Asset Management.

“We certainly have always spent a lot on advertising” Charles.

Stay tuned for the full interview as we dissect his journey to success.

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