Savadia Taught Over 2,000 Inmates: Reducing Violence in Ja

Savadia Taught over 2,000 Inmates: Reducing the Level of Violence, watch the full interview to understand his journey in and around Jamaica.

“There’s no person on this earth, no matter how rich you are, no matter how poor you are, can say they are stress-free…time is short work is more and energy is very low – and you have to keep up, that is what is causing the stress”

-Dushyant Savadia Founder & CEO of the Amber Group

From East India; He’s an internationally acclaimed global entrepreneur – a humanitarian, a champion for social change; and a technology disruptor who’s driven by a vision to give back.

A lot of persons say “think outside the box”, – Don’t even have a box!


If you do your good deeds, good luck will follow


Our guest is Dushyant Savadia Founder & CEO of the Amber Group – a global technology company headquartered in Kingston Jamaica. He’s also the International Programme Director of one of the largest global humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) – the art of living.

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