Those who want to make it in the sector in the new economy may soon come to realize that a fusion of technology in the process is the way to go.

Modern farms and agricultural operations all over the world are now possible due to technological advancements including the use of information technology.

These are known to be drivers of profitability, safety and efficiency in agricultural operations. 

In our last episode of beyond the crisis we looked at the prospects for Jamaica transitioning successfully to a digital society.

We’ll take the conversation a step further today by looking at the convergence of technology and the agriculture sector.

Varrun Baker is CEO of Farm Credibly. This is a technology company focused on access to financing agriculture. They build the profile of farmers to make it easier for them to get loans and other forms of financing.

He tells us more about the company.


Get used to the phrase ‘agricultural technology’ or Agri-tech. It is the use of technology in agriculture to improve yield, efficiency and profitability.

Agri-tech applications can be products, services or applications to improve output and processes.

According to baker the fusion of agri-tech in Jamaica will be nothing short of game-changing. 

‘Now is the season for change’

This is the bold declaration from the Industry and Commerce Minister Audley Shaw as he makes his contribution to the 2020/21 sectoral debate in the House of Representatives on June 15.

The Minister promises that good things are in store for Jamaican industries in the years ahead.

He reports that the performance of the manufacturing sector in the last four years has been the most robust in the last 25 years.

The sector recorded growth of 2 point 7 percent for the January to March quarter of 2020.

Minister Shaw says this demonstrates what is possible when players consistently pursue the goal of increasing the value added conversion of raw material to manufactured goods.

The Minister also discloses that a five-year manufacturing expansion growth strategy is now ready.


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