Agriculture: Transformation In Effect

The original brick plantation house is a stark reminder of when sugar was king in Jamaica; the reconstruction of the building perhaps symbolic of the much-needed renewal and revolution of the local agriculture sector. 

This is the home of model agricultural production more than 3000 acres of property situated in Innswood, St Catherine.  Approximately 300 acres of the property now in production in phase one of the project. 

It is designed to be the future of agriculture in Jamaica utilizing modern technologies, innovative farming methodologies with a focus on research and innovation. 

We were first introduced to the property here on beyond the crisis by Investor Michael Lee-Chin who insists the way forward in Jamaica was large scale industrial production.

Part One

One of several unique features of modern agricultural production is the utilization of Israeli technology. 

Israel boasts a highly developed agriculture industry and is considered a world leader in agricultural technologies although the terrain is not naturally conducive to farming.

The irrigation manager is an Israeli national.

Ms Lee was quick to point out that the transfer of knowledge to local small farmers is a big part of the operations. 

She was responding to why Israeli techniques were workable in Jamaica.

Part Two

Hyman is of the view that a mismanagement of the foreign exchange market will compound the current crisis.

With over 500 confirmed cases, 9 deaths, a recovery rate of just over 25 percent, and no patient critically ill Jamaica is about to officially embark on the road to economic recovery.