A spate of robberies along the Washington Boulevard over recent weeks has left many residents living in fear. They say at any point they can be robbed and there isn’t any police presence to save them, but the police say many residents are not reporting these crimes.

Some residents disclose that the robbers can strike at any point and are often armed with a knife or a gun. They are forced to hand over their possessions or risk being attacked. However, others have encountered a different fate. Just weeks ago a woman was pounced upon by robbers who shot her multiple times.

One resident who works in the vicinity of the Shopping Centre along the Boulevard says he has witnessed several robberies. He says many are carried out by young men. He believes that social intervention is needed to engage the youth. Speaking with CVM LIVE, he proposed several strategies including creating employment opportunities for those who have exited the school system. According to him, until youths are engaged and occupied, the issue of robberies will persist.

However, one senior cop believes that residents should start reporting on the robberies so that police officer can be placed at these scenes. She says once the reports are in, the police can act accordingly.