A community sensitization meeting was held in Dunbeholden, St Catherine on the Greater Bernard Lodge Development master plan. Presenters such as the SCJ Holdings Managing Director sought to answer questions and queries from members of the community to be affected by the move.

Many residents raised concerns shared by their Member of Parliament Fitz Jackson, stating that they need to be rectified before the development plan is completed:

The Greater Bernard Lodge development master plan was announced by the Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Daryl Vaz at a Press Conference at Jamaica House last Friday.

This community sensitization meeting was a means of addressing the benefits of the approved revised plan. According to the managing director of SCJ  Holdings, Joseph Shoucair, this is expected to create a vibrant and sustainable community while building the agricultural sector.

Shoucair also noted that while the Bernard Lodge Development Master Plan might affect farmers, plans are in place to ensure that they are duly compensated.