Over 20 secondary students participated in the annual Aviation Summer School Programme organised by the Jamaica College aviation programme and the Aviation University of the West Indies.

Students were exposed to basic instructions to follow while on flights and taken onboard for a discovery flight with a pilot.

The Director of the Aviation Programme at Jamaica College, Dave Robertson shares that the programme has piqued the interest of participants who now wish to pursue careers in the aviation industry.

He says the programme will be beneficial to the country and wider society due to the shortage of pilots that now exists.

He is hopeful that these students will become pilots.

Meanwhile, a pilot who used his plane for the summer programme shares that it is a rewarding experience for students.

He says many have never been on an actual flight and being in the cockpit gives them a different perspective of the world and themselves.

The students who participated attend Campion college, Jamaica College, Manchester High and Immaculate Conception.

It is expected that these students will share their experience with their peers thereby contributing to the longevity of the programme and getting more persons involved.