Veteran Attorney Don Foote is renewing his call for this client, Romando Kerr to be released from custody at the Withorn Police Station in the parish of Westmoreland as well as for the state of emergency in the parish to be reviewed.

The attorney says the police in Westmoreland are maintaining a position that no judge can order the release of his client held under the state of emergency in the parish and this is unacceptable.

He argues that the abuse of power and the open defiance of two court orders by the police of Westmoreland is an indication that Jamaica may be moving to become a police state.

He’s urging Prime Minister, Andrew Holness and Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips to intervene promptly.

Meanwhile, Public Defender, Arlene Harrison-Henry tells CVM  Live  that she has to assess the issues in question  before providing a comment.

At the same time, human rights activist Lloyd D’Aguilar notes that some rights are suspended under the SOE and this is why a review tribunal exists.

He says, if it is that Don Foote had some determination from this body, the police would have to obey the ruling of the court.

-Aladden Love