Jamaica boasts one of the best performing stock markets in the world, creating an abundance of opportunities for Jamaicans to invest through the Jamaica stock exchange.

Within the last year a number of companies have entered the market making their shares available to the Jamaican public. Proven investment recently revealed its plans to raise $4 Billion (US $30 million) in its additional public offer of shares in the company, or APO.

But how many Jamaicans are in a position to invest when 89% of those with a job are living on 2,500 dollars a day?

Financial analyst Marc Gayle notes that a great deal has changed as the Jamaica Stock Exchange providing Jamaican with more access.

He says investing in the stock market is one of the purest ways Jamaicans can acquire wealth.

Minister of finance Nigel Clarke also disclosed the government’s plan to sell some of its shares in major companies, so that more Jamaicans can share in ownership of the country’s assets.