JULY 17, 2019

33 members of Gang to Face Court

In their quest to dismantle gangs, the police have arrested 33 alleged members of the One Don gang, a breakaway of the Spanish Town based Klansman gang. 

This revelation was made at a press conference called by the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), headed by deputy superintendent of police, Fitz Bailey. 

DSP Bailey revealed that the police started their investigation into the St. Catherine based gang in 2018. They have identified the leader as Andre Brian, also known as Blackman, and they believe there may be as many as 62 other  members in the organisation.

According to DSP Bailey, the alleged gang members are linked to over 30 murders.

Mr Bailey revealed that there are 11 gangs based in St. Catherine and notes that the police are working to dismantle them and reduce criminal activity in the parish. 

Khadijah Thomas